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*** Some stores bundle this product with different accesories and games; therefore, comparisons may not be based on identical goods.  Please read the description of goods from each store before you make your purchase.
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Sony PSP Description:
•  The Sony PSP is sold in bundles by the individual stores.  Each store includes different software in the bundle.

•  The PSP Value Pak includes all the extras you need - memory stick, soft case, headphones, battery pack, an AC adapter, plus a movie/music/video sampler disc

•  Flip top Face Armor cover protects faceplate and screen from damage and comes with 4 UMD game cases

•  The PSP Safe Case’s tough aluminum body takes a beating so your PSP is protected
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Discounts Explained:
Hurry!  Supplies are very limited on the Sony PSP.
  • To get the "Best Price"- use coupons Here or on the link under Discounts column.
  • Each store offers a different bundle, making direct comparison difficult.
  • Many Stores are Sold Out. The PSP is selling like hotcakes.  Inventory changes by the hour. We do our best to keep up, but we suggest checking many stores, even if we say it's sold out!
  • Sony is predicted to run out of stock within a week.  Buy now, before it's too late!
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